Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Why C0ach!ng !s the Way t0 G0 !n Team Management...

When y0u hear the w0rd “c0ach”, what c0mes f!rst !nt0 y0ur m!nd? D0 y0u p!cture a basketball team w!th a man/w0man sh0ut!ng 0ut d!rect!0ns? 0r perhaps a f00tball team w!th a man/w0man pac!ng t0 and fr0 and call!ng 0ut the names 0f the players?

C0ach!ng !s n0 l0nger reserved t0 sp0rts teams; !t !s n0w 0ne 0f the key c0ncepts !n leadersh!p and management. Why !s c0ach!ng p0pular?

C0ach!ng levels the play!ng f!eld.

C0ach!ng !s 0ne 0f the s!x em0t!0nal leadersh!p styles pr0p0sed by Dan!el G0leman. M0re0ver, !t !s a behav!0r 0r r0le that leaders enf0rce !n the c0ntext 0f s!tuat!0nal leadersh!p. As a leadersh!p style, c0ach!ng !s used when the members 0f a gr0up 0r team are c0mpetent and m0t!vated, but d0 n0t have an !dea 0f the l0ng-term g0als 0f an 0rgan!zat!0n. Th!s !nv0lves tw0 levels 0f c0ach!ng: team and !nd!v!dual. Team c0ach!ng makes members w0rk t0gether. !n a gr0up 0f !nd!v!duals, n0t every0ne may have n0r share the same level 0f c0mpetence and c0mm!tment t0 a g0al. A gr0up may be a m!x 0f h!ghly c0mpetent and m0derately c0mpetent members w!th vary!ng levels 0f c0mm!tment. These d!fferences can cause fr!ct!0n am0ng the members. The c0ach!ng leader helps the members level the!r expectat!0ns. Als0, the c0ach!ng leader manages d!ffer!ng perspect!ves s0 that the c0mm0n g0al succeeds 0ver pers0nal g0als and !nterests. !n a b!g 0rgan!zat!0n, leaders need t0 al!gn the staffs’ pers0nal values and g0als w!th that 0f the 0rgan!zat!0n s0 that l0ng-term d!rect!0ns can be pursued.

C0ach!ng bu!lds up c0nf!dence and c0mpetence.

!nd!v!dual c0ach!ng !s an example 0f s!tuat!0nal leadersh!p at w0rk. !t a!ms t0 ment0r 0ne-0n-0ne bu!ld!ng up the c0nf!dence 0f members by aff!rm!ng g00d perf0rmance dur!ng regular feedbacks; and !ncrease c0mpetence by help!ng the member assess h!s/her strengths and weaknesses t0wards career plann!ng and pr0fess!0nal devel0pment. Depend!ng 0n the !nd!v!dual’s level 0f c0mpetence and c0mm!tment, a leader may exerc!se m0re c0ach!ng behav!0r f0r the less-exper!enced members. Usually, th!s happens !n the case 0f new staffs. The d!rect superv!s0r g!ves m0re def!ned tasks and h0lds regular feedbacks f0r the new staff, and gradually lessens the am0unt 0f c0ach!ng, d!rect!ng, and supp0rt!ng r0les t0 fav0r delegat!ng as c0mpetence and c0nf!dence !ncrease.

C0ach!ng pr0m0tes !nd!v!dual and team excellence.

Excellence !s a pr0duct 0f hab!tual g00d pract!ce. The regular!ty 0f meet!ngs and c0nstruct!ve feedback !s !mp0rtant !n establ!sh!ng hab!ts. Members catch the hab!t 0f c0nstantly assess!ng themselves f0r the!r strengths and areas f0r !mpr0vement that they themselves perce!ve what kn0wledge, sk!lls, and att!tudes they need t0 acqu!re t0 atta!n team g0als. !n the pr0cess, they atta!n !nd!v!dually excellence as well. An example !s !n the case 0f a mus!cal 0rchestra: each member plays a d!fferent !nstrument. !n 0rder t0 ach!eve harm0ny 0f mus!c fr0m the d!fferent !nstrument, members w!ll p0l!sh the!r part !n the p!ece, as!de fr0m pract!c!ng as an ensemble. C0nsequently, they !mpr0ve !nd!v!dually as an !nstrument player.

C0ach!ng devel0ps h!gh c0mm!tment t0 c0mm0n g0als.

A c0ach!ng leader balances the atta!nment 0f !mmed!ate targets w!th l0ng-term g0als t0wards the v!s!0n 0f an 0rgan!zat!0n. As ment!0ned earl!er, w!th the al!gnment 0f pers0nal g0als w!th 0rgan!zat!0nal 0r team g0als, pers0nal !nterests are kept !n check. By c0nstantly c0mmun!cat!ng the v!s!0n thr0ugh f0rmal and !nf0rmal c0nversat!0ns, the members are !nsp!red and m0t!vated. Sett!ng sh0rt-term team g0als al!gned w!th 0rgan!zat!0nal g0als; and mak!ng an act!0n plan t0 atta!n these g0als can help susta!n the !ncreased m0t!vat!0n and c0mm!tment t0 c0mm0n g0als 0f the members.

C0ach!ng pr0duces valuable leaders.

Leadersh!p by example !s !mp0rtant !n c0ach!ng. A c0ach!ng leader l0ses cred!b!l!ty when he/she cann0t pract!ce what he/she preaches. Th!s means that a c0ach!ng leader sh0uld be well 0rgan!zed, h!ghly c0mpetent !s h!s/her f!eld, c0mmun!cates 0penly and enc0urages feedback, and has a clear !dea 0f the 0rgan!zat!0n’s v!s!0n-m!ss!0n-g0als. By v!car!0us and purp0s!ve learn!ng, members catch the same g00d pract!ces and att!tudes fr0m the c0ach!ng leader, turn!ng them !nt0 c0ach!ng leaders themselves. !f a member exper!ences g00d c0ach!ng, he/she !s m0st l!kely t0 d0 the same th!ngs when entrusted w!th f0rmal leadersh!p r0les.

S0me w0rds 0f caut!0n th0ugh: c0ach!ng !s just 0ne 0f the styles 0f leadersh!p. !t can be d0ne !n c0mb!nat!0n w!th the 0ther f!ve em0t!0nal leadersh!p styles depend!ng 0n the pr0f!le 0f the emerg!ng team. M0re0ver, c0ach!ng as a leadersh!p style requ!res that y0u are phys!cally, em0t!0nally, and mentally f!t m0st 0f the t!me s!nce !t !nv0lves tw0 levels 0f c0ach!ng: !nd!v!dual and team. Y0ur members expect y0u t0 be the last 0ne t0 g!ve up 0r ba!l 0ut !n any s!tuat!0n espec!ally dur!ng t!mes 0f cr!ses. A c0ach!ng leader must be c0nsc!0us that c0ach!ng enta!ls !nvest!ng t!me 0n each !nd!v!dual, and 0n the wh0le team. M0re0ver, that the resp0ns!b!l!t!es are greater s!nce wh!le y0u are c0ach!ng members, y0u are als0 devel0p!ng future c0aches as well....

Thursday, 2 April 2015


S0 h0w d0 y0u stay calm, c0mp0sed and ma!nta!n self esteem !n a t0ugh env!r0nment? Here are s0me t!ps y0u may t0 c0ns!der as a starter gu!de t0 self !mpr0vement.

!mag!ne y0urself as a Dart B0ard. Everyth!ng and every0ne else ar0und y0u may bec0me Dart P!ns, at 0ne p0!nt 0r an0ther. These dart p!ns w!ll destr0y y0ur self esteem and pull y0u d0wn !n ways y0u w0n’t even remember. D0n’t let them destr0y y0u, 0r get the best 0f y0u.  S0 wh!ch dart p!ns sh0uld y0u av0!d?

Dart P!n #1 : Negat!ve W0rk Env!r0nment
Beware 0f “d0g eat d0g” the0ry where every0ne else !s f!ght!ng just t0 get ahead. Th!s !s where n0n-apprec!at!ve pe0ple usually thr!ve. N0 0ne w!ll apprec!ate y0ur c0ntr!but!0ns even !f y0u m!ss lunch and d!nner, and stay up late. M0st 0f the t!me y0u get t0 w0rk t00 much w!th0ut gett!ng help fr0m pe0ple c0ncerned.  Stay 0ut 0f th!s, !t w!ll ru!n y0ur self esteem. C0mpet!t!0n !s at stake anywhere. Be healthy en0ugh t0 c0mpete, but !n a healthy c0mpet!t!0n that !s.

Dart P!n #2: 0ther Pe0ple’s Behav!0r
Bulld0zers, br0wn n0sers, g0ss!pm0ngers, wh!ners, backstabbers, sn!pers, pe0ple walk!ng w0unded, c0ntr0llers, naggers, c0mpla!ners, expl0ders, patr0n!zers, sluffers… all these k!nds 0f pe0ple w!ll p0se bad v!bes f0r y0ur self esteem, as well as t0 y0ur self !mpr0vement scheme.

Dart P!n #3: Chang!ng Env!r0nment
Y0u can’t be a green bug 0n a br0wn f!eld. Changes challenge 0ur parad!gms. !t tests 0ur flex!b!l!ty, adaptab!l!ty and alters the way we th!nk. Changes w!ll make l!fe d!ff!cult f0r awh!le, !t may cause stress but !t w!ll help us f!nd ways t0 !mpr0ve 0ur selves. Change w!ll be there f0rever, we must be suscept!ble t0 !t.

Dart P!n #4: Past Exper!ence
!t’s 0kay t0 cry and say “0uch!” when we exper!ence pa!n. But d0n’t let pa!n transf0rm !tself !nt0 fear. !t m!ght grab y0u by the ta!l and sw!ng y0u ar0und. Treat each fa!lure and m!stake as a less0n.

Dart P!n #5: Negat!ve W0rld V!ew
L00k at what y0u’re l00k!ng at. D0n’t wrap y0urself up w!th all the negat!v!t!es 0f the w0rld. !n bu!ld!ng self esteem, we must learn h0w t0 make the best 0ut 0f w0rst s!tuat!0ns.

Dart P!n #6: Determ!nat!0n The0ry
The way y0u are and y0ur behav!0ral tra!ts !s sa!d t0 be a m!xed end pr0duct 0f y0ur !nher!ted tra!ts (genet!cs), y0ur upbr!ng!ng (psych!c), and y0ur env!r0nmental surr0und!ngs such as y0ur sp0use, the c0mpany, the ec0n0my 0r y0ur c!rcle 0f fr!ends. Y0u have y0ur 0wn !dent!ty. !f y0ur father !s a fa!lure, !t d0esn’t mean y0u have t0 be a fa!lure t00. Learn fr0m 0ther pe0ple’s exper!ence, s0 y0u’ll never have t0 enc0unter the same m!stakes.

S0met!mes, y0u may want t0 w0nder !f s0me pe0ple are b0rn leaders 0r p0s!t!ve th!nkers. N0. Be!ng p0s!t!ve, and stay!ng p0s!t!ve !s a ch0!ce. Bu!ld!ng self esteem and draw!ng l!nes f0r self !mpr0vement !s a ch0!ce, n0t a rule 0r a talent. G0d w0uldn’t c0me d0wn fr0m heaven and tell y0u – “Ge0rge, y0u may n0w have the perm!ss!0n t0 bu!ld self esteem and !mpr0ve y0ur self.”  

!n l!fe, !ts hard t0 stay t0ugh spec!ally when th!ngs and pe0ple ar0und y0u keep pull!ng y0u d0wn. When we get t0 the battle f!eld, we sh0uld ch00se the r!ght luggage t0 br!ng and arm0rs t0 use, and p!ck th0se that are bullet pr00f. L!fe’s 0pt!0ns g!ve us arrays 0f m0re 0pt!0ns. Al0ng the battle, we w!ll get h!t and bru!sed. And wear!ng a bullet pr00f arm0r !deally means ‘self change’. The k!nd 0f change wh!ch c0mes fr0m w!th!n. V0luntar!ly. Arm0r 0r Self Change  changes 3 th!ngs: 0ur att!tude, 0ur behav!0r and 0ur way 0f th!nk!ng.

Bu!ld!ng self esteem w!ll eventually lead t0 self !mpr0vement !f we start t0 bec0me resp0ns!ble f0r wh0 we are, what we have and what we d0. !ts l!ke a flame that sh0uld gradually spread l!ke a brush f!re fr0m !ns!de and 0ut. When we devel0p self esteem, we take c0ntr0l 0f 0ur m!ss!0n, values and d!sc!pl!ne.  Self esteem br!ngs ab0ut self !mpr0vement, true assessment, and determ!nat!0n. S0 h0w d0 y0u start putt!ng up the bu!ld!ng bl0cks 0f self esteem? Be p0s!t!ve. Be c0ntented and happy. Be apprec!at!ve. Never m!ss an 0pp0rtun!ty t0 c0mpl!ment. A p0s!t!ve way 0f l!v!ng w!ll help y0u bu!ld self esteem, y0ur starter gu!de t0 self !mpr0vement.,,,